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Attorneys in General

Our court system was designed to be available to the people. Unfortunately, that design doesn’t mean you will achieve the same result without an attorney.

Most divorces in Arizona don’t involve attorneys, and that’s okay.

 However, there is no good excuse for failing to at least consult with a competent attorney regarding your options and the risks involved.

Three levels of legal help

  • Consultation
  • Document preparation only
  • Full representation

Geographic areas

Mr. Waite primarily practices in Graham, Greenlee, and Cochise Counties. However, he frequently consults with people from around Arizona.

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About Us


About Jeremy J. Waite

  • Attended Safford High School
  • Undergraduate studies in Arizona and law school in Ohio on a scholarship
  • 15+ years of legal experience, beginning as a certificated paralegal prior to attending law school
  • Worked with firms
Waite Office

About His Practice

The Law Office of Jeremy J. Waite is built around helping regular people with the problems of regular people. Specifically, most problems involve a combination of Family Law, and Dependency Law (CPS investigation and removal of children from their parents).

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Areas of Practice


Divorce. If you are considering divorce, you should also look into the possibilities of legal separation and annulment.

Child custody. Custody is such a confusing concept that the Arizona State Legislature removed the term from family law statutes. One common misunderstanding is what sole legal decision-making (previously known as sole custody) means under the law and in reality. Another misunderstanding is that Arizona law.

Relocation. States differ regarding what legal process you must take when moving with children. Some states require the permission of the other parent for merely moving across town.

Termination of parental rights. Under certain circumstances, Arizona law allows a judge to termination the parental rights of a parent. Statistically, it is one parent terminating the rights of other so a stepparent can adopt.

Mediation / Resolution Management Conference (RMC)

Child Support



Grandparent visitation

Third-party custody

Medical insurance for spouse and children

Tax exemptions

Qualified domestic relations orders


Dependency is the process of the Department of Child Safety (formerly Child Protective Services) investigating and removing children from a home due to concerns of abuse or neglect.


Mr. Waite has handled multiple guardianship and / or conservatorship cases.

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